Monday, December 08, 2008


I had made arrangements with myself to achieve many items on a list when this year started. I am shifting subtly this idea towards the begining of te new year. I intend to accomplish some things  from now till the new year begins. I hope I can deliver as I haven´t been good at it during the previous 330 and so days..
Here it goes:
-organize my living room ( meaning to change the furniture/distribution, as well as the working area)
-paint the entrance
-rack the leaves from the entrance, hall and parking area
-write down every trip I´ve done since I moved to the US ( needed for citizenship purposes)
-see Marina and give her her gifts
-organize my studio/archive/closets
-finish reading the books I am at now
-go to the doctor
-go to the dentist
If I write more, I would be lying. Im not even sure I will do all of these.
Lets leave it up to here. There is more time than life.
Wishful thinking is a goal.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I secretly LOVE hula seventy blog. It is DEFINETLY the 
MOST inspiring, nurturing, exquisite, amazing, beautiful blog EVER. It has made me cry and laugh out loud more than once,  it has inspired me, given me ideas, taught me things... and a HUGE LONG etc. I say secretly because I have written MANY letters to Andrea, its intellectual owner, but never dared to post them,  thinking it was too dumb, rare, awkward, and she could envision me as a freak by declaring love to a BLOG. What I love the most, I guess, is all that she does/likes/has is like a wished mirror of me. Not that I want to be ANOTHER, or different, but I can´t believe there are two souls that see/thinks/does things so alike. ( Except from blogging, area in which I fail tremendously!)

Last week she made another wonderful LIST that I considered myself memed ( is it memed? ) anyway, here it goes...

1. chocolate
2. smell of my kids
3. mozarella
4. wine
5. typewriters
6. Lp´s
7. art books
8. shoes & boots
9. antique jewelery
1o. new notebooks
11. calligraphic ink pens
12. leather bags
13. earrings
14. cookies
15. crayons
16. pizza
17. white bed sheets
18. antique linings
19. silverware
20. bracelets
21.  rings
22. old desk supplies
23. photographic paper
24. nail polish
25. Botticelli´s paintings
26. incense
27. candles
28. old cameras
29. love stories
30. ipod
31. lipsticks
32. must de cartier
33. cannon g9
34. ex votos
35. fashion magazines
36. 50-60-70´s furniture
37. velvet
38. spanish fans
39. vanilla cupcakes with frosting
40. old photographs
41. dictionaries
42. nature books
43. art museums
44. nyc
45. vintage stores
46. lavander
47. fresh spinach
48. baking
49. pajamas and night gowns
50. roses
51. long hair
52. black eye liner, smokey
53. french
54. scarves and gloves
55. brushing my teeth
56. corals and shells
57. dreams
58. music boxes
59. trees, all kinds of big trees
60. silver things
61. jackets
62. children stories
63. internet
64. flip flops
65. body and face creams
66. scones 
67. bare foot
68. forests
69. bicycles
70. peackoks
71. mountains
72. mediterranean blue
73. plane tickets
74. big paper store bags
75. art supplies
76. vases
77. bed covers
78. boxes 
79. diaries
80. tableware
81. kitchen utensils
82. smell of fresh laundry
83. gourmet stores
84. fiat/seat cinquecento
85. new cities
86. supermarkets
87. words
88. calculators
89. round stones
90. ivy
91. blogs
92. other people photos
93. my photos
94. music
95. old peuter objects
96. lilies
97.  st. germain scented candles
98. mac book pro
99. purple
100. secrets

Monday, October 06, 2008


Mude, mas comece devagar,
porque a direção é mais importante
que a velocidade.
Sente-se em outra cadeira,
no outro lado da mesa.
Mais tarde, mude de mesa.
Quando sair,
procure andar pelo outro lado da rua.
Depois, mude de caminho,
ande por outras ruas,
observando com atenção
os lugares por onde
você passa.
Tome outros ônibus.
Mude por uns tempos o estilo das roupas.
Dê os teus sapatos velhos.
Procure andar descalço alguns dias.
Tire uma tarde inteira
para passear livremente na praia,
ou no parque,
e ouvir o canto dos passarinhos.
Veja o mundo de outras perspectivas.
Abra e feche as gavetas
e portas com a mão esquerda.
Durma no outro lado da cama…
depois, procure dormir em outras camas.
Assista a outros programas de tv,
compre outros jornais…
leia outros livros,
Viva outros romances.
Não faça do hábito um estilo de vida.
Ame a novidade.
Durma mais tarde.
Durma mais cedo.
Aprenda uma palavra nova por dia
numa outra língua.
Corrija a postura.
Coma um pouco menos,
escolha comidas diferentes,
novos temperos, novas cores,
novas delícias.
Tente o novo todo dia.
o novo lado,
o novo método,
o novo sabor,
o novo jeito,
o novo prazer,
o novo amor.
a nova vida.
Busque novos amigos.
Tente novos amores.
Faça novas relações.
Almoce em outros locais,
vá a outros restaurantes,
tome outro tipo de bebida
compre pão em outra padaria.
Almoce mais cedo,
jante mais tarde ou vice-versa.
Escolha outro mercado…
outra marca de sabonete,
outro creme dental…
tome banho em novos horários.
Use canetas de outras cores.
Vá passear em outros lugares.
Ame muito,
cada vez mais,
de modos diferentes.
Troque de bolsa,
de carteira,
de malas,
troque de carro,
compre novos óculos,
escreva outras poesias.
Jogue os velhos relógios,
quebre delicadamente
esses horrorosos despertadores.
Vá a outros cinemas,
outros cabeleireiros,
outros teatros,
visite novos museus.
Se você não encontrar razões para ser livre,
Seja criativo.
E aproveite para fazer uma viagem
longa, se possível sem destino.
Experimente coisas novas.
Troque novamente.
Mude, de novo.
Experimente outra vez.
Você certamente conhecerá coisas melhores
e coisas piores do que as já conhecidas,
mas não é isso o que importa.
O mais importante é a mudança,
o movimento,
o dinamismo,
a energia.
Só o que está morto não muda !
Repito por pura alegria de viver:
"A salvação é pelo risco, sem o qual a vida não
vale a pena!!!! " 
Clarise Lispector
Edson Marques

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

liviandad de pensamiento

Every time I meet with my friend R. I leave feeling myself light and full of energy, positive and  hopeful! This is some quality that really I admire: the capacity of transmitting all these emotions/ feelings to people, as opposed to those people that drain your energy, thoughts and leave you like angry, tired and hopeless.  I have to learn how to not give my time and energy to the second type of people.  

Thursday, August 28, 2008


i am basically an artist that is at war with the art system. i debate myself whether i should continue or not producing art. for whom is this work intended to be made? who will actually see, enjoy, learn -and on the best case scenario, get something from that piece?  these questions have no answers. as i become more and more nihilistic, the needs of sharing ideas and putting new imagery out there looses meaning. but on the other way around, it seems i can never stop or quit making art. that is the dilemma.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


i´m back
i have been traveling for 51 days. 
i have thought many many things
specially about belonging and being.
heard many stories
saw lots of people
seeming my life has moved so much forward i wonder if i can go back at any given moment to the place i left
i guess not

i wont make a priority of an option
my present is here and we only have this.

artwork by a recently discovered artist: eva armisén, wonderful.
it is like her thoughts are in my mind.only that she paints them

Tuesday, May 27, 2008



Tuesday, April 22, 2008

buen humor mal humor

There have been many days my humor is terrible. Those days, all is black. I can't get a hold on my days, I seem to vanish time without accomplishing anything good, I don't treat my body well, I am frowned and upset, my smile has an inverted rictus, my patience is  ZERO, my cravings rase to unbelievable stages, my tolerance is non existent, my hope has disappeared, my courage is diminished.
One or two days ago I started to feel good again, about all: my self, my home, my life, my kids, my hubby, the daily life, my artwork, my cv, my food, and most importantly, my body.
I have been thinking along this buddhist idea of courage as faith. I think I sunk it all in. Suddenly I feel courageous, strong and willing. This is the spirit I cannot loose. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

springy mood

spring has arrived. i don´t usually talk about meteorology, but the seasons are something else. renovation is my thought for spring. i have decided to renovate instead of organize... to organize somehow means to start from scratch... to renovate means to work on something you already, the springy amalia will renovate things:
-her garden: as of today, new sod has been planted, my "Bourle-Marx" corner has been planted, and 4 sempiverens. 
-her photo albums: as of today, 4 new york life albums were completed after 15 years of having all pics in a metal box.
-her portrait portfolio, needs to incorporate new portraits made of Tiffen, Oriol, Sandra, Daniella, Alexis, Ivette, Massimo, Adriana, Isabella, Teia & Aiden.
-her computer files/hard drives
-her bio, statement and cv
-her closets, by exterminating the unused/unclassified/unworkable stuff
-specific parts of her home: downstairs closet and photo closet being the worst, need the most attention
second, adrianas closet, 
third, my books from the room area
fourth, the little "tugurios" that i have around... messy little corners and piles of stuff
-the façade of the house needs some thought too...
so, before I faint of exhaustion due to the amount of work, I may post a beautiful sunflower that I have been caring for this past week.
Au revoir les enfants!!!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

just like that

i guess i am turning out to be really repetitive, but time is passing by so fast i barely understand what to do. meanwhile, i try to organize my life, home, artwork, kids as to be more efficient,and obviously, without achieving any of them accordingly.
anyway... i never forget my blog, i know also, no body reads it, so its really for me and my own almost guilty pleasure.  that being said... i will stop apologizing myself for not updating, writing or posting regularly.
also, i figure, do people write blogs for themselves?or for the possible readers?... like with artwork, you never know...
so, how does it work?  posting or not posting, that is the question.

meantime i am so loving this freedom, and this, my favorite  blog.

photo by alessandra caputo

Thursday, February 28, 2008

one month later

I can´t believe that a month just passed by like this! I haven´t been doing much but certainly haven´t had free time as well. This photo  of mine has just been acquired by a venezuelan collector. It is about the story of Pearl,  originally a large scale video projection. Pearl lives in a garden,  minding her own little life of fruits, leaves, trees and vegetables. Her only wardrobe is a bubble wrap pseudo wedding dress she holds while she runs because it is not sewn. Pearl reminds me of how women can cope with so many things at the time by keeping their heart and spirit focused into one little world of their own. 

Monday, January 28, 2008

44 things to do at 44

Photo by Marco Caputo

1. learn how to edit my videos on final cut pro
2. cook creative new dishes
3. play more, laugh more with massimo & adri
4. exercise regularly
5. eat well, avoid sweets & breads
6. go to barcelona, again
7. get my portrait portfolio together and my portrait business running
8. go to buenos aires for "the" solo exhibition that is cooking itself
9. watch wonderful movies
10. read wonderful books, read a lot
11. go to da gym, even if i don´t prefer it
12. speak less, do more
13. worry less
14. save
15. become greener
16. practice sewing
17. go to the studio regularly
18. write
19. make photos
20. videos, too
21. write interesting art reviews, get them published
22. continue yoga
23. organize my photo & video files
24. cherish friends more
25. change my sofa
26. keep plants growing well
27. practice my  calligraphy
28. listen to new music
29. update all family photo albums
30. help uri with business, organize files, accountant, etc
31. clean up computer files, make backups
32. take care of my hair 
33. smile more and not frown as much
34. soften my voice
35. my words too
36. bake yummies every week for the kids
37. cook more with the kids
38. go to paris
39. read the divine comedy until the end ( of the book)
40. art related activities... more
41. (space for silence)
42. be kind to myself
43. leave past behind
44. love more

Saturday, January 19, 2008

44 , i am grateful for

my home
my books
my music
my books
my dad
my mom
my shoes
alejandro y alfonso
delicious food
the body
my computer
the opportunities

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