Tuesday, March 24, 2009

of all the things

of all the things i really miss of not living in barcelona, the one i miss the most  is my daily contact with my beloved al & al, my uncles. i think about them all the time, i miss them, crave their contact, wiseness, spirit and i always think of them as a model, sample of dignity, of strenght, courage and wisdom. i wish to age as them, loving and caring for each other for more than 40 years.
they are a great story, a  small great life.
i can feel their energy even here, at the other side of the atlantic. 
i will miss visiting this summer, catching the 17 bus from balmes to barceloneta, our long walks from  the malec√≥n to the port olimpic...  i will have to wait for next year to be with them
recession is a crappy thing.... 

Monday, March 02, 2009

lives i could have lived

-a cello player, a musician in the jordi savall concert des nations orchestra
-a rolling stones magazine photographer traveling worldwide
-a scholar from a very prestigious university .yale, harvard, mit, columbia. reading and writing.
-an actress. theater, ny, off-off broadway
-a chef working at a small rest. in southern france
-a writer, tormented, using a olivetti 32 typewriter
-a very rich wife with a gorgeous house, full of wonderful furniture and my chair collection

those i can think of today...

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