Wednesday, February 10, 2010

case scenarios

1. we ask what will happen tomorrow
2.we force our destiny towards where we think we need to
3.we stay as we are, waiting every day for the next, no further actions taken
4.we live here thinking of being there
5.we live there thinking we are here
6.we don´t move
7.we plan, yet leaving open space for abrupt last minute-hour-year changes
8.we take actions, with no specific directions.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

new year, second day, second month...

it seems like ages since i wrote here. have had so many things to say, but haven´t said them. its a whole new year ahead, brand new months comin´, already one has left, and I'm still in slow motion, as if time would wait for me, as if all the days are waiting for me to wake up.. no! they just come and go, and nothing waits for me to catch up... but here i am slowly, slowly...
i just have the feeling that each and every post i've written is about nothing else, actually, about nothing in concrete, but about time passing, me not being able to grasp it, me getting anxious about time passing, me worrying about my kids growing, about all that i did and did not do...

i can´t say i will do new things, or stop worrying about time, i can´t say that i will be super energetic and strong in the new coming months and posts, but i can say that i somewhat feel stronger and even in my weakest days, as today, i feel i can. i just can´t procrastinate anymore. that´s for sure.

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