Monday, January 28, 2008

44 things to do at 44

Photo by Marco Caputo

1. learn how to edit my videos on final cut pro
2. cook creative new dishes
3. play more, laugh more with massimo & adri
4. exercise regularly
5. eat well, avoid sweets & breads
6. go to barcelona, again
7. get my portrait portfolio together and my portrait business running
8. go to buenos aires for "the" solo exhibition that is cooking itself
9. watch wonderful movies
10. read wonderful books, read a lot
11. go to da gym, even if i don´t prefer it
12. speak less, do more
13. worry less
14. save
15. become greener
16. practice sewing
17. go to the studio regularly
18. write
19. make photos
20. videos, too
21. write interesting art reviews, get them published
22. continue yoga
23. organize my photo & video files
24. cherish friends more
25. change my sofa
26. keep plants growing well
27. practice my  calligraphy
28. listen to new music
29. update all family photo albums
30. help uri with business, organize files, accountant, etc
31. clean up computer files, make backups
32. take care of my hair 
33. smile more and not frown as much
34. soften my voice
35. my words too
36. bake yummies every week for the kids
37. cook more with the kids
38. go to paris
39. read the divine comedy until the end ( of the book)
40. art related activities... more
41. (space for silence)
42. be kind to myself
43. leave past behind
44. love more

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Bart van de Winkel said...

Pffff that's a lot to do at 44. I'd sticking to watching movies and cook wonderfull recipes.

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