Monday, December 08, 2008


I had made arrangements with myself to achieve many items on a list when this year started. I am shifting subtly this idea towards the begining of te new year. I intend to accomplish some things  from now till the new year begins. I hope I can deliver as I haven´t been good at it during the previous 330 and so days..
Here it goes:
-organize my living room ( meaning to change the furniture/distribution, as well as the working area)
-paint the entrance
-rack the leaves from the entrance, hall and parking area
-write down every trip I´ve done since I moved to the US ( needed for citizenship purposes)
-see Marina and give her her gifts
-organize my studio/archive/closets
-finish reading the books I am at now
-go to the doctor
-go to the dentist
If I write more, I would be lying. Im not even sure I will do all of these.
Lets leave it up to here. There is more time than life.
Wishful thinking is a goal.

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