Monday, February 27, 2006

a simple SPT

three rings for the elven kings under the sky

thinking about how we wear objects that we take for granted. this symbolizes union, faith, love, togetherness.
i shall be aware more often

Wednesday, February 22, 2006




Tuesday, February 21, 2006

SPT with tags of 4 questions/ some of me

NENUFAR beautiful plant that grows on the surface of the water. it defines my un-stability and my sempiternal disposition to try to blossom even on extreme insecurity situations

SHADOW as Mr. Friedlander, master photographer I cast my shadow, I am earth, I am me, and I can be anyone

ok. no more of my artwork in the blog. i decided so because of 4 reasons:
1-. no feedback comes
2-. no security towards copyright
3-. possible problems with my gallerists/collectors
4-. anticipating to my upcoming solo show next fall at Museo Alejandro Otero, I might as well create some expectations...

I decided to keep on blogging ( was seriously considering cutting it off, but, i really like it, so... ) thought of being cautelous on some realms of my life, specially the one that involves my artwork.

I also decided to jump on the tags that i find interesting. its a different way to self portrait one self with words.. so ill give it a try.

I SAW ON REDCURRENT ( sorry, still don´t know how to hypertext on blogs ) the tag of 4 ( as it can be seen above, I also added some new tag called 4 reasons for something- doing or not doing)

Here goes mine :

4 jobs Ive had
-serving breakfast-best croissants in NYC- at the hungarian pastry shop
-exhibitions coordinator at Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Caracas Sofía Imber and at CIFO (15 years apart)
-preschool art teacher at Plymouth Preschool ( Miami)
-Black and White Printer for Ellen Von Unwerth ( NYC)

4 places I´ve lived
-NYC new york city
-CCS caracas
-MIA miami
_BCN barcelona, spain

4 places I´ve vacationed
-London, England
-Choroní, Venezuela
-Valle De Loire, France
-Napoli, Italia

4 favourite dishes
-pizza from NAPOLI, all other pizzas in the world I can eat, but this is sublime, fabulous!
-also from NAPOLI, the one and only MOZARELLA DI BUFFALA DI CAMPANIA. only fresh in site. best of best... if you haven´t eat it there, you haven´t tried mozarella¡¡!!!
-arepa con queso guayanés y aguacate, venezuelan typical white corn bread filled ( muffin shaped) yummie!!!!
-CHOCOLATE Fondue with strawberries, or only chocolate, better.

4 sites I visit daily ( sorry again for not linkin´)
-papeis por todos os lados
-la vie en rose
- oops, only 3... since I don´t have too much free time to browse blogs.


This is my new bloggin´attitude
Let´s see if I get any results.
I will also post a corner of my house.

Good mood today :) Tuesdays are also my YOGA!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

so, who cares?

I´ve been reflecting upon this blog thing. Who reads my blog if I don´t give the address to anyone I know? Why do I want to share with myself some more diary-like stuff when I always have my diary to fill in thoughts and stories about me?
Why do we have the need to show-express-reveal our selves to the blackness unknown of foreign eyes? I suddenly felt the SPT was twisting more to a competition of who gets more private, who takes the best picture, who gets posted, who gets linked...
why do we want to be the best ones? the best designed site? the best post? the better written? the most interesting? the most private? creative? these issues are food for thought. i still don´t have any elaborated thoughts on this, just questions that have arisen lately, while browsing.

here goes my pic of the week. its part of the new, who cares?

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