Thursday, March 20, 2008

just like that

i guess i am turning out to be really repetitive, but time is passing by so fast i barely understand what to do. meanwhile, i try to organize my life, home, artwork, kids as to be more efficient,and obviously, without achieving any of them accordingly.
anyway... i never forget my blog, i know also, no body reads it, so its really for me and my own almost guilty pleasure.  that being said... i will stop apologizing myself for not updating, writing or posting regularly.
also, i figure, do people write blogs for themselves?or for the possible readers?... like with artwork, you never know...
so, how does it work?  posting or not posting, that is the question.

meantime i am so loving this freedom, and this, my favorite  blog.

photo by alessandra caputo

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Spider63 said...

sometimes you have to visit other blogs and say hello. That is how I came by your blog. Hope you are fine!

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