Thursday, April 19, 2007


I can´t - even in my deepest thoughts and feelings - imagine how the families of the 30 something people killed -students mostly- feel now. You send your kids to school every morning, hoping you will see them at noon. You send your kids to college and they just get killed by a wacko nobody noticed, that had severe issues of violence, sickness, weirdess, etc.

Many ideas come to mind. It makes me think of how we sometimes prefer not to get involved on issues. Many of the teachers of this crazy guy did notice violence in his words and attitude. Why nothing was done? Did he pay his tuition promptly? Is that all that matters? I can´t help thinking on the interests institutions and people have. It is obviously a hard thing to point out extreme people, specially in a country where we are so aware of issues of discrimination and racism. But I want to believe, for the sake of the future, there has to be a way of protecting, controlling and scanning for possible major unstabile persons.

The reactions in tough situations are also so delicate. How did Virginia Tech not implement some safety measures to the rest of the students after the first two killings? Why did they wait two hours? How could he go to the TV channel meantime and send the video, etc.... and then come back. How come he could go back in...

How safe is safety? How is security an issue to be implemented in schools, universities etc???? How do we separate the security issue from the paranoia? .... How come things like this happen only in USA? Violence exists all around but these extreme sick murder cases - Columbine, etc... only happen here. How come there are still supporting the permisive laws for weapon buying? When is the government going to stop promoting violence by supporting violent wars, preaching about them? etc... I just have no words and too many questions.

My deepest prayers go to the families and the unfortunate that got killed.
We are definetly living in the era of fear.

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