Monday, April 09, 2007

ipod & walkman

when i was 14 i got a red sony walkman from my dad. it was a revelation. my kids got for their birthdays two ipods nano, from my dad as well. it is a new revelation. they both stayed in their pijamas listening to all the songs they asked for in their ipods.
A. danced until she fell asleep from exhaustion. Massimo doesn´t answer anymore. They are absort, discovering a life of their own... yet so small ...
i explain to M. that they are sooo lucky to have so many things at such an early stage in their lives. Im glad though they are not yet into the computer-playstation era. I will delay it as much as i can.
but music is a different story, it introspects your mind and makes you go places, oh the places you´ll go!!!!

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