Tuesday, February 21, 2006

SPT with tags of 4 questions/ some of me

NENUFAR beautiful plant that grows on the surface of the water. it defines my un-stability and my sempiternal disposition to try to blossom even on extreme insecurity situations

SHADOW as Mr. Friedlander, master photographer I cast my shadow, I am earth, I am me, and I can be anyone

ok. no more of my artwork in the blog. i decided so because of 4 reasons:
1-. no feedback comes
2-. no security towards copyright
3-. possible problems with my gallerists/collectors
4-. anticipating to my upcoming solo show next fall at Museo Alejandro Otero, I might as well create some expectations...

I decided to keep on blogging ( was seriously considering cutting it off, but, i really like it, so... ) thought of being cautelous on some realms of my life, specially the one that involves my artwork.

I also decided to jump on the tags that i find interesting. its a different way to self portrait one self with words.. so ill give it a try.

I SAW ON REDCURRENT ( sorry, still don´t know how to hypertext on blogs ) the tag of 4 ( as it can be seen above, I also added some new tag called 4 reasons for something- doing or not doing)

Here goes mine :

4 jobs Ive had
-serving breakfast-best croissants in NYC- at the hungarian pastry shop
-exhibitions coordinator at Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Caracas Sofía Imber and at CIFO (15 years apart)
-preschool art teacher at Plymouth Preschool ( Miami)
-Black and White Printer for Ellen Von Unwerth ( NYC)

4 places I´ve lived
-NYC new york city
-CCS caracas
-MIA miami
_BCN barcelona, spain

4 places I´ve vacationed
-London, England
-Choroní, Venezuela
-Valle De Loire, France
-Napoli, Italia

4 favourite dishes
-pizza from NAPOLI, all other pizzas in the world I can eat, but this is sublime, fabulous!
-also from NAPOLI, the one and only MOZARELLA DI BUFFALA DI CAMPANIA. only fresh in site. best of best... if you haven´t eat it there, you haven´t tried mozarella¡¡!!!
-arepa con queso guayanés y aguacate, venezuelan typical white corn bread filled ( muffin shaped) yummie!!!!
-CHOCOLATE Fondue with strawberries, or only chocolate, better.

4 sites I visit daily ( sorry again for not linkin´)
-papeis por todos os lados
-la vie en rose
- oops, only 3... since I don´t have too much free time to browse blogs.


This is my new bloggin´attitude
Let´s see if I get any results.
I will also post a corner of my house.

Good mood today :) Tuesdays are also my YOGA days...best!

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