Saturday, February 11, 2006

so, who cares?

I´ve been reflecting upon this blog thing. Who reads my blog if I don´t give the address to anyone I know? Why do I want to share with myself some more diary-like stuff when I always have my diary to fill in thoughts and stories about me?
Why do we have the need to show-express-reveal our selves to the blackness unknown of foreign eyes? I suddenly felt the SPT was twisting more to a competition of who gets more private, who takes the best picture, who gets posted, who gets linked...
why do we want to be the best ones? the best designed site? the best post? the better written? the most interesting? the most private? creative? these issues are food for thought. i still don´t have any elaborated thoughts on this, just questions that have arisen lately, while browsing.

here goes my pic of the week. its part of the new, who cares?

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