Wednesday, January 11, 2006

life without time

I have been living without noting what day it is
I thought today was tuesday, and wanted to do my SPT
and it happened to be wednesday
NO STP or a LATE SPW????
I decided to blog a photo taken by my daughter
last sunday
its not technically a SP
but works ok
not a face.

1 comment:

la vie en rose said...

no face but a really cute jacket!

about linking me in the text...let me see if I can attempt to explain. type out your text then once complete open a new window and go to the web address you're wanting to link. copy the address from the address bar. now go back to your text and hightlight the words you want to funtion as the link. next click on the little green globe/black-squiggly-thing-design button (it's close the where the insert-photo-button is). that will bring up a window. this is where you post the web address that you posted. i hope this makes sense. i'm not very computer literate so i don't make for a very good teacher!

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