Friday, January 13, 2006

life with time

Even though I have consciously been out of time track on my days lately, I have to say that I have been developing quite an energetic routine that i working towards helping us to keep the house running smooth.
I believe that if we have a chaotic environment, we ourselves become chaotic inside, so I´m making this huge cleaning-organizing-getting rid of what we need not and finally, my photo archive for the past year.
I cannot start a new year without doing this. I have to have everything properly filed and kept, for the future. I am exited about having quitted my full time job, not accepting the new proposal and sticking to my two main reponsabilities: being a mother and making art.
I will be poorer, insecurer, but definetly happier.
I am often scared about the future, but am trying to focus on today, everyday.
My path has just been traced, again. Every decision makes us change paths.
So, welcome me to a life back home....
Hopefully a productive, creative moment.STRONG


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