Thursday, June 09, 2005

now I'm back

Now I can finally sit and write a bit. It's been hectic.. Kids outta school and we are working at home, so it crowded and crazy with all together in the same ROOM...¡¡¡!!! I can´t believe.. we stay all day in the studio, working and having our two appendices flying by... Of course I then feel as guilty as hell and then I stop for a bit to pay some attention and quality time.

This week I booked 4 sessions and made them! I'm proud and relieved, even if my gallerist cancelled the trip to miami....
I now feel active and productive.
Also we finally submitted the MadridAbierto project. Cross things out of the check list.
Travelling in 10 days... house to fix, organize and clean before I leave. Make the take along list, the stay at home list for Uri, and all the rest of organizations that are necessary...

So its all about order, organizing, coping, getting done, achieving, etc.
Proud me...

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