Wednesday, December 21, 2005

La vie en rose dixit

Today, I want to homage a blog that is sooooo inspiring and nurturing. La vie an rose... a sweet life ( since I still don't know how to use hypertext and link sites, this is the name:
Michelle is a mother, artist and writer that has moved my feelings more than once. Her depthness and sensibility have fascinated me since I bumped into her blog some months ago through SPT.

I want to copy here a letter that she wrote to Britton, her son. It is the most powerful text I have read about motherhood since a long time. Thank you Michelle for all the inspiring writings and for allowing me to publish your text on my blog. These words are exactly what I would say to my two children, Max and Adriana.

"Dear Britton,

Like other mothers, there are things I want for you. Of course I want you to be healthy. I want you to be happy. I want you to get an education and have a good head on your shoulders. I want you to contribute to society. I want you to be able to care for yourself. I want you to love and be loved. But I know things happen. Life happens. A tragedy could occur, stripping you of your health and leaving your mind and body broken. Some catastrophe could strike leaving you unable to pursue an education or function as you do now. And god knows that happiness is challenged throughout one's life. Illness strikes. Accidents happen. The unknown is full of all kinds of possibilities that could change your way of functioning and existing. I know this. So there has to be something more I want for you. And there is. There is something more, something deeper. I want you to know value, to trust your significance. I want you to know that no matter what, no matter the circumstances and situation, no matter the condition of your body, mind, or life, no matter your ability to function, you have value--just because you're you--Britton Blake Stoffregen--the only one. Your the only one with your unique perspective and your unique combination of life experiences. You're the only you. And the world needs you--your gifts, your talents, your eyes, your hands, your love, your presence, your story, your spirit. And I want you to have more than "head knowledge" about your value--knowledge you've gained from mom, who was a broken record singing your praises, even slipping into your room at night to whisper affirmations in your ear (You are loved. You are wanted. You are blessed. You are safe. You are valuable. You are perfect, whole, and complete.) I want more for you. I want you to believe for yourself. I want you to believe in yourself. I want you to own it. I want you to have knowledge that can stand even when life issues its challenges. I want you to have "heart knowledge." I want you to push, to explore, to challenge and then come back to your heart. I want you to trust your spirit, your goodness, your journey. I want you to face yourself and know you are good, more than good, so much more than good. You are you and that's always enough. Because you see, value isn't based on doing, what you can accomplish, what you can contribute, what and how much you can do. Value is based on being. Value is constant, despite your ability to do. And this is the value I want you to know. That's what I want for you...more than anything. And I know there will be times when your trust in your significance will be shaken. In those times you must have faith in the little glimpses of worth until those glimpses become a constant way of being. There may be times you have to lean on the loving eyes of others to see your worth until you can once again see it yourself. I pray for you to be surrounded by such loving eyes. So, sweet one, find your heart. Know yourself and trust that knowledge. Value will be found in that knowledge.

And if you ever doubt...because I know there will be times when you doubt,
may this letter remind you.

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